How to get a Bartending Job

Bartending jobs do not have to be difficult to obtain, even when just starting out. This article examines 2 traditional paths to getting bartending jobs and recommends a system to get a bartending job.

Jan 14

Bartending Jobs

Have you been out there looking for bartending jobs? Even though bartending requires no special certification or degree, getting a bartending job can seem very difficult - especially to those with no experience. Traditionally there have been two paths for those seeking a bartending career, bartending school or getting on-the-job experience. Let’s examine them both.

Bartending schools began to pop up on the American landscape in the 1960’s. Entrepreneurial bartenders realized that they had a skill others would be willing to pay to learn. Bartending schools simulate bartending jobs very well and you can gain experience through those simulations.

Bartending schools, however, often entice students with the promise of job placement upon graduation. Placing bartenders, especially in desirable jobs, is a difficult proposition. Most places that are worth working for can easily find bartenders through word of mouth. Bartending school graduates also have a reputation in the business of not realizing their limitations.  

This brings us to finding a bartending job where you can gain on-the-job experience. The best places to do this are smaller, lower volume establishments. One of the benefits to this approach is that you will start making money almost immediately while you would have to pay for bartending school. Finding one of these jobs doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, when approached systematically getting a bartending job can be easy and fun.  

The key skill at lower volume establishments isn’t the ability to make drinks. It is the ability to exceed customer expectations by providing superior customer service. Most establishments, even high volume places, require the bartender to make only 20-40 different drinks. It is a myth that bartenders need to know hundreds of drink recipes. If you are willing to put in a little effort on your own, learning to bartend can be simple, easy and fun. Best of all you can get paid to do it.

Finding a bartending job at these types of establishments is not hard when it is approached the proper way. A well crafted cover letter and resume are essentials. They should be designed explicitly for bartending jobs. Once you have these prepared it is a matter of plugging into the bar and restaurant network in your town and mastering the interview. For tips on cover letter and resume writing, along with interview pointers visit This program will help you get the bartending job you want - no matter what your experience.